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PH & ORP Controller

Included 2 pcs dosing pump



  • The professional design and manufacturer of control system and sensors, precise and stabilizing.
  • Auto continuous monitoring water quality,with alarms for high or low pH and ORP.
  • Maintaining pH and ORP of water quality by automatically feeding chemicals with dosing device.
  • High quality plastic housing and anti‐salt‐fog screen, long lasting and suitable for the environment of the pump room.
  • Protection grade IP55.


  • pH control : 4 - 10
  • ORP control : 0 to 900mV
  • Water temp : 0 - 80°C
  • Response time : < 10 sec
  • Ambient temp : 0 - 60°C
Digital PH Controller for Swimming Pool in Denpasar, Bali
Metering Pump for Chemical Feeder
Chemical Controller for Swimming Pool
Pompa PH
PoolnJac ph and orp controller

PoolnJac PH & ORP Controller

Automatic Dosing Pump Installation

Dosing Pump Installation

Cara Pemasangan PH and ORP Chemical Controller, SB 100

Clear & Accurate Display

Three digital displays with 3 decimal points each and visible from distance of over twenty feet even at night.

Simple & Reliable

If the pH or ORP is more or less than the set point for 10 minutes or more , SB 100 will light the LED for alarm, and will run the automatic dosing device to control chemical dosing.

Auto Dosing Device

Automatically maintaining water quality by Auto Dosing Device, save your time to feed chemicals into the pool.

Spesifikasi Dosing Pump untuk kaporit